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ThruGreen's central management system is a revolutionary solution for municipalities, offering a seamless and efficient way to monitor and manage traffic signal cabinets. By providing communications hardware that connects every device within the cabinet, ThruGreen enables customers to access real-time data from the traffic controller, receive customized alerts for cabinet events, and control other connected devices through a user-friendly website login. This system eliminates the need for complex IT department involvement, offering a straightforward and hassle-free method for customers to stay informed and in control of their traffic infrastructure at a reasonable and very competitive price.

Through the intuitive interface, operators can access real-time data from different subsystems, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly. This integrated approach not only enhances operational efficiency, but also fosters better coordination and responsiveness to changing traffic conditions. ThruGreen's commitment to simplicity and functionality ensures that traffic management becomes more streamlined and effective, ultimately contributing to safer, more sustainable urban environments.

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  • Remote upload & download of traffic signal timing plans

  • Monitoring and reporting of signal detector status

  • Create and mange work orders

  • Cabinet equipment monitoring & alerting

  • UPS status and data monitoring