Snow Depth Sensor SHM 30

Snow Depth Sensor SHM 30

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The Lufft SHM30 snow depth sensor reliably determines snow depths up to 10 metres in seconds, precise to the millimetre. Based on an opto-electronic distance sensor emitting visible eye-safe laser light (laser rangefinder), the SHM 30 can probe distances up to 30 metres. Unlike ultrasonic methods, temperature changes and precipitation do not affect measurement accuracy.

Parameters measured: Snow depth
Measurement technology: Opto-electronic measuring technique with eye-safe laser sensor
Product highlights:
Determination of snow depth over long distances, MTBF (meantime between failure) >40.000h, allows discrimination between snow and grass, very compact and weatherproof housing
RS232, RS422, analogue output
Article number: 8365.10, 8365.11, 8365.20