SHM31 - Laser Snow Depth Sensor

SHM31 - Laser Snow Depth Sensor

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The Lufft SHM31 snow depth sensor operates with a visible, easy-to-measure measuring beam; determining snow depths up to 15 metres in seconds, millimetre-accurate and reliable.

Various heating functions significantly extend the lifetime of the laser diode and allow high-quality measurement data in all weather conditions. Regular maintenance becomes redundant with the SHM 31. A very robust housing and an elaborate operation principle allows almost no maintenance work throughout the lifetime of the sensor.

Parameters measured: Snow depth
Measurement technology: Opto-electronic measuring technique (rangefinder; laser distance sensor) with eye-safe laser
Product highlights:
Determination of snow depth over long distances, heating options allow high quality measurements in all weather conditions, simplified installation due to automatic inclination angle compensation


RS485 & RS232 with Modbus RTU, UMB, UMB-ASCII 2.0 & SDI12 protocol
Article number: 8365.30


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