Siemens Sepac
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Siemens Sepac

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The Siemens SEPAC Actuated Signal Control software is an advanced, powerful,easy-to-use intersection control package that runs on standard hardware platforms including:

- 2070 ATC units from all vendors on the CALTRANS Qualified Products List
- Siemens m50 and m60 series controllers
- ATC standard controllers

Installed in the above hardware, the Siemens SEPAC x.58Software controls all of the following cabinet styles:

- NEMA TS-1 cabinets
-NEMA TS-2, Type 1 cabinets
- NEMA TS-2, Type 2 cabinets
- CALTRANS 332 cabinetsITS cabinets, according to Joint NEMA/AASHTO/ITE/CALTRANS National Standard