WS100 - Radar Precipitation Sensor

WS100 - Radar Precipitation Sensor

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The WS100 is a Rain Sensor with radar technology and adjustable heating.

Using a 24-GHz Doppler radar, it measures the speed of all forms of condensed water. These include rain, freezing rain, hail, snow and sleet.

The low-energy sensor detects precipitation from the first drop. Its possible uses are nearly unlimited. Whether in hydrology and water management, agricultural and environmental science, building automation, meteorology or airport and traffic control: the rain gauge measures rain almost anywhere in the world.

Parameters measured: Rain/precipitation quantity, rain/precipitation type (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail)
Measurement technology: 24GHz Doppler radar
Product highlights:
Very fast response time, maintenance-free measurement, present weather detection
RS-485 semi-duplex two-wire, SDI-12, pulse interface / UMB protocol, Modbus
Article number: 8367.U03, 8367.U04, 8367.U05


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