Collision Control Communications


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The Eliminator™ is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art traffic signal preemption and collision avoidance system for emergency vehicles and public transit buses. It contains two major sub-systems: The vehicle sub-system and the traffic signal sub-system. It can dramatically reduce collisions involving emergency vehicles and public transit buses at signalized and non-signalized intersections.


  • The Only Preemption system with a Graphical User Interface in the vehicle

  • GPS Based System

  • Backup Inertial Measurement Unit for when Satellite Triangulation is not available

  • Collision Avoidance warns equipped emergency vehicles of an impending collision

  • Collision Avoidance does not require a traffic signal – works even in rural areas via V2V communications protocol

  • Other preemption systems do not have this feature

  • Preempts traffic signals:

    • Under adverse weather conditions

    • Reliably in heavy fog/snow/rain/dust

    • Through obstructions: buildings, buses, vehicles, foliage, bridges

    • Around curves in the roadway

  • Does not require realignment after heavy winds

  • Provides 360° protection against collision with other emergency vehicles, even at unsignalized intersections

  • Visual confirmation in the vehicle of preemption status, overlaid on a map

  • System can pro-actively preempt upcoming additional intersections laterally based on the vehicle’s turn signal status