BlueTOAD Spectra

BlueTOAD Spectra

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BlueTOAD® is the most advanced traffic-monitoring system on the market, directly measuring travel times using cost-effective, non-intrusive roadside technology.

BlueARGUS is the most comprehensive database manipulation software, now optimized for travel-time data and dashboard-based visualization with BlueTOAD Spectra. Get richer insight to changing traffic patterns and trends. BlueARGUS/Spectra combined is optimized for any agency’s need - city traffic department, county, state, MPO or engineering service provider.

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BlueARGUS provides:

  • Interactive, Real Time Speed Maps & XML 

  • Real Time Signal, Phase aTind ming (SPaT) and Connected Vehicle Data 
  • Report Scheduler 
  • Historical Data Reports including; Pair/Route Reports, Comparison Reports, Travel-Time Reliability Reports and Enhanced Origin & Destination Studies