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IQ FireWatch

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Automated near/far fire detection.

The multi-patented IQ FireWatch system detects smoke and smoke-like events by using a multispectral sensor unit that rotates 360 degrees every 4-6 minutes and captures images from preset positions. These images are processed in real time by sophisticated software that combines feature-based algorithms and artificial intelligence. If smoke is detected, the wildfire control center is rapidly sent an alert that is verified by an operator, following which the relevant fire control centers are notified. The synergy of hardware and software allows for a surveillance radius of 20 km under almost all weather conditions, and this figure increases to 50 km or more under optimal conditions. In other words, a single sensor can protect an area equivalent to around 175,000 football fields. 

IQ FireWatch was invited to the Alberta wildfire detection Challenge.  These systems were installed and operated on the Marten Mountain Lookout tower near Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada during the 2022 wildfire season.

IQ FireWatch's result is impressive: